What is it like to be involved in Sheepshead?

What is it like to be involved in Sheepshead?

This is my first semester on Sheepshead Review, and I am currently on the Visual Arts staff and I write blog posts from time to time. Sheepshead is a really amazing opportunity for students to come together and publish a journal once a semester. We accept Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry, and Visual Arts pieces.


The class meets as a whole and we go over announcements and logistics and then we break off into our genre staffs. Each staff finds a quiet, private place to meet and discuss the submissions we have received for each genre. We get to discuss the things from a piece that we are passionate about and the things that we dislike. We debate until we decide if we are going to publish it or not. We specifically look for creativity and well executed pieces. It is a really fun way to challenge yourself and others when it comes to determining what qualifies as good literature and fine arts.


Viewing submissions is really fun, and we get to be honest about our feelings on the pieces because every submission is anonymous. So don’t be scared to submit your work, we accept work from anyone, and won’t know it’s you until you’re accepted! Even if you don’t make it in the journal this time you can always try again!


From my experience so far I have learned that Sheepshead is a really fun class! It is amazing to be involved in something that is more than just at a class at UWGB. We are able to look at and publish submissions from all over the world as well as students on campus. Our class works together to publish a magazine at the end of each semester. In other classes you maybe have a presentation, paper, or test, but we have an actual journal that we can hold in our hands and say that we helped make it. The best part of this class is the ability to be creative with everything we do!


If you want to learn more about submitting to Sheepshead visit our website www.sheepsheadreview.com or join us next semester in class!


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