Sheepshead Review’s Safer at Home Efforts

Sheepshead Review’s Safer at Home Efforts

The Sheepshead Staff have been asked to give a little preview into their current workspace and any tips they have to help with staying positive during the Safer at Home order. Our first spotlight goes to Zach Schneider, a graduating senior and our Editor-in-Chief.

Zach’s Safer at Home advice:

“Motivation is the thing that I’ve struggled with the most, both for my classwork and writing my own stuff. My advice to any students out there is to figure out what works for you and don’t be afraid to try something new. Whether it’s a making a daily schedule, setting deadlines, keeping lists, having a reward system, asking a friend to help keep you accountable, or anything else, find what works for you.

Specifically for students, reach out to your teacher or professor if you’re at all struggling in your classes. They are going through this pandemic too, but they can’t help you or empathize with your position without knowing what that position is. Send them an email and work with them on how you can make it through the semester and pass your classes.”

We also asked Zach a few extra questions as his time at UW-Green Bay is coming to an end:

How did the shift to going online change your experience as Editor-in-Chief?

I don’t like online classes. Being in class is a huge motivation for me. I’ve just been having to make more lists. I already spent a lot of time at my desk doing homework; it’s my homework spot. But now I’m at my desk all the time. Each class is reflective of the professor that teaches it, especially now with the courses being online. I wish more classes did online in-person meetings. I need more of that social interaction. It feels good to have that every week.

What was your favorite part about this semester in SHR?

I loved sitting in on Poetry staff’s meetings and hearing people argue about things they like and didn’t like in a poem. It’s cool to see how people read things differently.

What will you miss the most about UW-Green Bay?

The Arts community. I’m motivated by other people. I’m going to have to find my own intellectual community with the same interests. I’ve been testing out people to read some of my stuff to get feedback. Non-English majors don’t understand those modes of craft. I’ll miss the people being passionate about the same stuff. You need people who are passionate and keep each other accountable. I would love to start a writing group or a book club.

Any things to say about this semester’s issue?

“Be the Shepherd.”

From his Letter from the Editor:

“If you follow The Shepherd within yourself, they will show you how you can tend to your communities.”

Zach will be graduating with three majors: English with an emphasis in Literature and Creative Writing, Humanities with an emphasis in Digital and Public Humanities, Writing and Applied Arts, and a minor in Teaching.

We wish Zach the best with all of his future endeavors and will miss him greatly.

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