Spring 2021 Issue: In Memory of Professor Schuetze

Spring 2021 Issue: In Memory of Professor Schuetze

Every issue of Sheepshead Review involves a specific theme, typically chosen by the Editor-in-Chief and then later curated by the genre editors and the layout editor as the issue is created. For our last issue, the theme had been that of community, trying to make us all feel closer to one another during a time where we had to be physically and virtually distant. This January, UW – Green Bay’s English department suffered a loss of a beloved professor that made a profound impact not only on the faculty members that knew her best but the students that looked up to her.

The death of Professor Sarah Schuetze created yet another hardship for students and faculty who are already tackling the challenges of online learning. Faculty members of the English department lost a colleague who brought a flare of individualism to every room she entered, and students lost a professor who served as an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, was intelligent beyond her years, and pushed students to become better versions of themselves. In honor of Professor Schuetze’s life, Editor-in-Chief August Wiegman selected the theme of “animals” for the Spring 2021 issue. Professor Schuetze had a great love for all animals that she came across, and to August, there was no better way to honor her humanity and her legacy in the Spring 2021 issue.

Professor Schuetze made a significant impact on the lives of her students. While our university celebrates her life in the newest issue of Sheepshead Review, I as the blog writer wanted to dedicate a post to Professor Schuetze that focused on student narratives that highlight who she was as an individual, and as a professor at our great institution. This is our way as students to give one last final thank you to a woman who was unapologetically herself in every aspect of her life, and had a love for those around her that went so deep it touched the hearts of many, and continues to be felt by those today. Below, you all will find three student accounts from their memories with Professor Schuetze showcasing her brilliance and her love of animals.

“Unfortunately, I was never able to meet Dr. Schuetze in person, but she will always stick out in my memory, and left a lasting impression. I remember her “question of the day” before each class and how much she genuinely cared about her students. She really helped me work through my brainstorming of strong thesis statements for papers in class by responding to my emails right away and giving very instructive feedback. I do remember how intimidated I felt the first day of class, even with being online, but she ended up being one of my favorite professors!” – Rosalindae S.

“I had Dr. Schuetze for my First Year Seminar (FYS) my freshman year here at UWGB. My favorite memory of her was when she had allowed The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary to bring in some of its animals including an opossum, a skunk, an owl, and other various animals. Still to this day, this class period was one of my favorite periods as a student. As an avid conservationist and outdoorsman, I held what Dr. Schuetze did for the various animals she rescued and took care of, in the highest regard. The same care and diligence that Dr. Schuetze shared with her various animal friends, was also shared with her students. She was always proactive in making sure that her students succeeded and understood what they were learning. Dr. Schuetze was an amazing part of the UWGB staff and she will be missed and remembered by many.” – Samuel Langenfeld

“I was lucky enough to have spent two semesters with Dr. Schuetze. She was such a light to my day and I always looked forward to class with her. She was so caring and supportive of her students that class discussions often felt like chatting with friends, which made for conversations filled with laughter, honesty, and lots of memories. I remember most her love for animals, from the countless stories she would share to the time she snuck a scurry of baby squirrels in her classroom just to make sure they could be fed throughout the day. Her passion for animals is how many people, including myself, remember her. After her passing, I set up a bird feeder and a squirrel feeder in my backyard. Watching wildlife flock to my yard to feast and play has brought lots of joy and peace to my heart. To me, it serves as an ongoing reminder of Dr. Schuetze and her values. One that is rooted in giving and joy, just as she was.” – Dani G.

I hope that the Spring 2021 Issue brings you all a sense of healing. There is truly no better way than to honor Professor Schuetze by dedicating an amazing issue to her and to her life. Although she is gone, the memories we have of her never will be.

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