New Semester, New Staff!

New Semester, New Staff!

Hello, everyone!

We’re two weeks into the new school year, and with that comes a new edition of Sheepshead Review!  We here at The Shepherd have decided to get everyone ready for the Fall 2018 edition by introducing you to the amazing staff of editors that help turn the hundreds of submissions we receive into the beautiful journal you see at the end of the semester! Throughout the week we’ll have several posts introducing these dedicated students, and you may even learn a few fun facts about everyone!

Today, we’ll be meeting the Editor-in-Chief, Jordan Safranski, the Managing Editor, Becca Watkins, and the assistant Managing Editor, Tehya Miller!


Name: Jordan Safranski

Year in School/Major(s): Senior, English-Creative Writing Major

Position in Sheepshead: Editor-in-Chief

How long have you been part of Sheepshead ReviewThis is my fourth semester. I started off in Sheepshead Review as the Chief Copy Editor, and then worked as the Fiction staff editor for two semesters before becoming the EIC.

What do you love about Sheepshead?  Sheepshead Review always ends up being one of the most amazing groups of students around campus, and it always ends up feeling like one big family by the end of the semester. It’s crazy that we get to turn our passion into a beautiful, tangible product of our work, and it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve been a part of.

Favorite free-time activity?  I’m the average English major that is always either reading or writing, but apart from my nose being permanently stuck in a book, you can always find me chasing down any animal in my vicinity.

Fun Fact:  I once stubbed my toe while watering my spice garden and only cried for 20 minutes.




Name: Becca (Bee) Watkins

Year in School/Major(s): Senior, Business Administration-Management and English-Creative Writing

Position in SheepsheadManaging Editor

How long have you been part of Sheepshead Review? 3 semesters; Poetry Staff Member my first semester, and my second semester I was Managing Editor.

Why you’re on SheepsheadI love the people and the sense of community! We work so hard together and create something so beautiful! It’s fun being so passionate with such passionate people!

Favorite free-time activity: Writing… Hanging out with my hubby, baking/cooking, and exercising.

Fun Fact:  I just got married to the coolest dude ever, I’ve written a 600 page fan fiction (A.K.A. a rewrite of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), my first draft of the book I’m writing was approximately 700 pages, and I have two tattoos-a cross on my upper back and the Hebrew word Hephzibah on my left forearm. Hephzibah translated means “the Lord’s delight is in her.”




Name: Tehya Miller

Year in School/Major(s): Junior, English-Creative Writing Major, Education Minor

Position in Sheepshead: The Shepherd Blog editor, Assistant Managing editor

How long have you been part of Sheepshead Review? This is my third semester on the Sheepshead staff.  My first semester I was an assistant copy editor, the Outreach Coordinator, and a member of the Nonfiction staff.  Second semester, I was the Nonfiction genre editor!

Why you’re on SheepsheadI was originally on Sheepshead because it was a requirement of my degree, but then I fell in love with what we were doing.  I love reading the submissions, talking about them, and creating our journal from scratch. I also love the people I’m on staff with and will be so sad when I can’t be part of this anymore!

Favorite free-time activity: I love to cook and bake, and when I’m not doing that or doing homework, I can be found spending time with my family and my boyfriend.

Fun Fact:  I have a cat named Charlie that likes to run around the house at full speed at all hours of the day and night! Also, I’m completely obsessed with goats and terrified of sloths.




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