New Semester, New Staff! Part 3

New Semester, New Staff! Part 3

Happy Monday! And, for those of you like me, happy fall!  Today is the last day of meeting our staff, and we’ll be meeting two of our genre editors, our spectacular publicity director, and the other member who will be helping me run our blog!  We’re all excited for this semester, and have a lot of work to get to, so sit back, enjoy the change of the weather, and read on!


Name: Alicia LeBoeuf

Year in School/Major(s): Senior, English Major

Position in Sheepshead: Fiction Editor

How long have you been part of Sheepshead Review? I’ve been a part of Sheepshead since Fall 2017. I was on Fiction staff for two semesters, and I was also the blog editor for one semester.

Why you’re on SheepsheadI’m on Sheepshead because I like reading the wide range of content that gets submitted to the journal, discussing it within staffs, and selecting what pieces are going to be published. It’s such a unique opportunity, and I enjoy being part of the great team that gets this journal published. I’m looking forward to this semester in particular because it’s my first time being Fiction editor and leading a staff.

Favorite hobby:  My favorite hobby is definitely reading.

Fun Fact:  Something interesting is that I got a nonfiction piece published in the Fall 2017 issue of Sheepshead Review.



Name: Jonathan Nuncio-MacDonald

Year in School/Major(s): Sixth year, Graphic Design and Studio Art double major

Position in Sheepshead: Visual Arts Editor

How long have you been part of Sheepshead Review? This is my third fall helping with Sheepshead.  I’ve always worked on Vis Arts, but this is my first year as the editor!

What you’re excited for this semester: I’m excited for all the art submissions and to push the Vis Arts section further than it’s gone in the past.

Favorite free-time activity: Making lists



Name: Kelsey

Year in School/Major(s): Senior, English-Creative Writing & Literature

Position in Sheepshead: Publicity Director

How long have you been part of Sheepshead Review? 4 semesters in a row, this is my 5th.  I have been on Nonfiction Staff, and have been the Publicity Director (all 5 semesters), Social Media Editor, Outreach Coordinator, and the Rising Phoenix Contest Coordinator.

Why you’re on Sheepshead: I enjoy working on Sheepshead because, as an aspiring author, I think it is a fantastic, unique opportunity for student staff to gain experience and knowledge, and for others to have their talent showcased. This position allows me to combine my passions of writing, literature and public relations – something I never thought to be possible! This will be my last semester with Sheepshead, so I’m excited to make it one to remember!

Favorite free-time activity: Netflix bingeing, reading, writing, and thrift store shopping.

Fun Fact: After putting it down for a year for several reasons, I am just now coming back to work on a novel.



Name: Kendra Sieracki

Year in School/Major(s): Junior, Graphic Arts

Position in Sheepshead: Visual Arts staff, blog staff

How long have you been part of Sheepshead Review? This is my first semester!

Why you’re on Sheepshead: I thought it would be a good experience to put on my resume. I am also interested in (hopefully) designing the layout of the journal in the future! At the very least, I think it will be a great opportunity to learn a little bit about the publishing process because, some day that may be part of my job.

Favorite free-time activity: Watching Netflix, particularly The Office, Friends, etc. I also play the ukulele and play video games from time to time.

Fun Fact: I have a dog, he is a standard poodle and his name is Sammy. He thinks he is a cat, so he sits on top of the couch. He also growls (as if he is trying to purr) when I and the rest of my family pet him.

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