Sheepshead Review Summer 2021 Edition

Sheepshead Review Summer 2021 Edition

Hello everyone! We are excited to announce that Sheepshead Review will be publishing our first-ever summer journal this year!

Introducing a summer journal allows us to not only take on three new staffs a year, but it also allows for a whole new chance for you to get published (perhaps even for the first time). Brooke Poarch, our latest editor-in-chief, is really excited to meet her staff and see all the wonderful submissions artists and writers alike have to offer. With a tighter than normal schedule, this summer session is guaranteed to be quite an interesting adventure, and she can’t wait to partake in it. 

With vaccines for COVID-19 rolling out all over the country, a lot of the conversation has turned to where people want to travel first. Social media feeds and other forms of media are saturated with the insatiable desire most have to travel somewhere new and exciting as soon as they are able. 

It is this intense desire to travel—a wanderlust—that has inspired our theme for the summer journal

We are actively seeking out stories that touch on this intense emotion, be that a joy, a fear, a resentfulness, or something else entirely. 

We will officially open for submissions on Saturday, May 15th and closing submissions on June 13th. Like all other issues, we will be taking fiction, nonfiction, visual arts, poetry, and digital media. We will be updating the blog regularly with exciting news as things develop, so be sure to check back. From the entire staff, we are so excited to see what all you have to offer.

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