Sheepshead Review is Accepting Submissions!

Sheepshead Review is Accepting Submissions!

Sheepshead Review is now accepting submissions! We are looking for Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, and Visual Arts submissions. Submit your writing or artwork for a chance to be published in our journal! Having trouble thinking of what to submit? Let us help you get started!



  • We are looking for original and creative pieces. Poems can be written in any form, and can be as long or short as you want.


  • Tell us a story unlike any story we’ve been told before. Because we don’t have the space to publish full-length novels, the word limit for each Fiction submission is 3,000 words!


  • A lot of people are scared off when they hear creative nonfiction because they don’t always know what that means. So here are a few ideas: essays, short-memoirs, narrative stories, journal entries. There are so many things you can do with nonfiction and we would love to receive more nonfiction submissions! Remember, nonfiction can be any form of writing that is based on true events. And while the main events do need to be mostly true, there are some exceptions! To find out more, you can visit one of our past blog posts that describes what creative nonfiction is:   And remember the word limit for each Nonfiction submission is 5,000 words!

Visual Arts

  • The Visual Arts staff accepts submissions created with any medium. You can submit anything from a drawing you did for a class project to a painting you did for fun. Be original and creative! When you submit a photo of your work please make sure it is 300dpi and at least 5×7”. If you need help resizing your images before submission let us know and we would be happy to try and help!


Remember to be creative and original. Avoid clichés and be human. We look forward to reading through all of your submissions! For more information on how to submit visit our website, or go directly to to submit!

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