New Semester, New Staff! Part 2

New Semester, New Staff! Part 2

Hello again, everyone!  Today, we’re back with three new faces!  We’re introducing our Layout Editor, or the person who is in charge of the way the entire journal looks, our Chief Copy Editor and Nonfiction Editor, and our Social Media director and Assistant Copy Editor!  Keep reading to meet some awesome new people!

Name: Austin Garsow

Year in School/Major: Senior, majoring in Design Arts

Position in Sheepshead: Layout Editor

How long have you been part of Sheepshead Review? This is my 3rd semester with Sheepshead and I spent my first 2 semesters on the Visual Arts staff.

What are you excited about this semester? I’m really excited to have the opportunity to design the journal and to be a part of this amazing crew of creative people.

Favorite hobby: I’d say my favorite hobby is playing video games.

Fun Fact: I have an older sister and a younger brother. Both me and my brother have red hair.


Name: Krynn Hanold

Year in School/Major: Senior, English

Position in Sheepshead: Chief Copy Editor and Nonfiction editor

How long have you been part of Sheepshead Review? 2 semesters.  My first semester I was the Nonfiction editor.

Why you’re on Sheepshead: I enjoyed my time on the Sheepshead staff when I was part of it in Spring 2017, and I wanted to come back to be part of the process once again before I graduate. Nonfiction is my absolute favorite to read, so I cannot wait to see all the amazing submissions this fall!

Favorite free-time activity: Reading (with my cat), writing, and biking.





Name: Raven Mory-Pagel

Year in School/Major(s): Junior, English-Creative Writing and Literature

Position in Sheepshead: Social Media Editor and Assistant Copy Editor

How long have you been part of Sheepshead Review? This is my first semester!

Why you’re on Sheepshead/What you’re excited for this semester: I’m on this journal staff in order to gain valuable experience to enter the publishing industry after graduation. I’m most excited to read all the amazing submissions we will receive!

Favorite free-time activities: Reading, Writing, and Hiking

Fun Fact: I once wrote a 300-page novel by hand when I was 12 (aka my peak)



Stay tuned for tomorrow, when we’ll meet the rest of our amazing genre editors!

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