Rising Phoenix Winner Samuel Langenfeld

Rising Phoenix Winner Samuel Langenfeld

It’s time to meet another Rising Phoenix winner as we gear up for the launch party! Introducing Samuel Langenfeld: the Rising Phoenix Contest winner for the Visual Arts genre.

Samuel Langenfeld

What inspired you to create the piece that you submitted for the Rising Phoenix Contest?

Inspiration for this piece came from the emotions that many of us are battling while trying to advance through college while also handling a global pandemic at the same time. My model, Madison Zapata, and I were working on a collection of black and white pieces focusing on the fragmentation of emotions that had been coursing through our veins as we navigated this past year. Inspiration struck when we turned on the projector and found a way to blend the smoothness of her skin with the black fragmentation that the projected image provided. This contrasting combination allowed her internal fragmented thoughts and emotions to now be projected for all to see.

What, or who, inspired you to become an artist?

As a child, I grew up in a very creative household. My father drew and painted and encouraged me to do the same. It was the moment that my father showed me a drawing of an eagle he did that revealed to me that beauty can be created from just about anything. Both of my parents encouraged me to open my eyes to the world and see it for all that it is. This encouragement and motivation that my parents saw inside of me has allowed me to evolve my own style of art and create beauty for all to observe. Thanks mom and dad, I would not be here without you!

When does creativity strike for you?

Creativity strikes for me at all hours of the day. Inspiration can strike while trying to fall asleep, while at work, at the gym, and even while “zoning out” whilst driving. Anything can trigger my creative awareness and cause me to begin my thought process for a new piece of art. Usually, creativity strikes for me when there is something unusual about my surroundings, a new sound, a new sign, a new car, even a new tree. The smallest things can make the biggest impacts on my creative drive.

What elements shape your art? What is it that you are interested to capture or create? What is your aesthetic, your style, your subjects of interest, etc.?

The elements that shape my art often come from the natural world. I try to think outside the box and see things from a different perspective and this allows me to change natural elements into emotions, or abstract scenes. I often try to capture the unusual or hardly seen. I really enjoy showing people the world and themselves through a different perspective than what they are accustomed to. As a photographer, I often choose to photograph people or nature. These items often lend me the most motivation and creative “juices”. Overall, I believe that my creative aesthetic would have to be freedom and awareness of self and the world around oneself. Allowing this aesthetic to influence many of my pieces has created some truly amazing works of art.

How long have you been interested in visual arts? How has your talent and passion evolved over time?

I have been interested in the visual arts for as long as I can remember. As a child I often could be found creating projects out of whatever I could find. I was interested in the unusual and visually appealing. Throughout the years, my passion for the visual arts has grown and with that, so has my talent. I often find myself trying to learn new techniques or reaching out of my comfort zone to try something new. This technique of becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable has allowed me to evolve as a visual artist.

What does winning the Rising Phoenix contest mean to you as an artist?

As an artist, winning the Rising Phoenix contest means so much to me. Not only does this accolade offer some sort of recognition for my hard work in a sense, but it also encourages me to continue to follow my passion and allow it to grow, reach, and affect more people. I am so honored to be awarded the title of visual arts Rising Phoenix winner and I am thrilled to be represented by Sheepshead Review.

Check out Samuel’s social media handles to see his work!

Instagram: platinum_pictures99

Facebook: Platinum_Pictures

To view Samuel’s winning piece “Fragmented Thoughts,” check out the Sheepshead Review website and be sure to RSVP to the newest issue’s launch party on May 3rd from 1-2 p.m. via Zoom. RSVP to the event with this link: https://uwgreenbay.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_41PfZDiWqhxVIjk

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  • How wonderful for you, Samuel! I am so proud of you. May you have many more good rewards.

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